Our Fleet

Our Group owns powerful and latest-model trucks, which are commandeered by extremely experienced drivers.

Additionally, these drivers undergo routine training to be able to handle even the worst of situations. Our staff has the infrastructure and logistical capabilities necessary to plot transportation strategies according to the geographic, political, military and other specifications.

With the invaluable aid of our transportation, logistics and security experts, OAK Logistics through its partners and associates has transported cargo to the most formidable and remote areas of Pakistan and Afghanistan safely where other companies have failed to do so.

We operate efficiently as a team and we make sure that our staff provide safe, cost effective and timely deliveries each and every time a driver gets behind the wheel. Not only do we hire the best drivers in the region, we also have the best mechanics to make sure our vehicles remain on the road.


  • Oil tankers (32,000 liters, 42,000 liters, 56,000 liters and 60,000 liters)
  • Cement Bulker (40FT and 42FT)
  • Chemical Tankers (60,000 liters and 62,000 liters)
  • CO2 Bowser (42 FT)
  • FMCG Containerized (45FT)
  • Half Body Trailer (42FT)
  • Oil Tanker Rigid (24,000 liters, 25,000 liters and 30,000 liters)
  • Rigid Truck (20FT)
  • Truck Trailer (40FT)
  • Water Tanker (50,000 liters)

Auxiliary Infrastructre

Starting with only one vehicle, the company has expanded to keep pace with the rising need in the logistics industry. In order to cater to the emerging challenges and any transportation needs, we have a number of support infrastructure facilities to ensure efficient services and hassle-free flow of operations.


2.Tyre Storage

3.Fuel Storage