Our Services

At OAK Logistics we are committed to delivering quality services and we continue to maintain a high level of standard on regular basis.

Our business has been built over three decades on a reputation for providing reliable and cost-effective transportation of oil products, which over the passage of time has diversified to transportation of molasses, ethanol, and bulk goods such as sugar, coal, bulk cement and fertilizer. This all has become possible through a “Can Do Spirit”.

With our existing infrastructures and owned asset, we are equipped as one of the largest logistics service providers with strong ability to serve various industry verticals.


Liquid Cargo

We are providing transportation services of liquid cargo and petroleum products to a broad portfolio of clients including PSO, BYCO, Admore, Procter & Gamble, Habib Group, Al-Abbas Sugar Mills, Reliance Commodities, Shah Murad Sugar Mills, Unicol and more. These only represent a fraction of the clients we serve. Our professionalism, dedication and commitment ensures that clients are satisfied all the time.

Bulk Cargo

We move a lot of bulk cargo such as coal, rock phosphate, bulk cement, fertilizers and more to various destinations across Pakistan. Our clients in this service sector includes the following:
Fatima Fertilizers Ltd Atomic Energy Power Cement Thatta Cement Bestway Cement

Containerized Cargo

We provide transportation services to FMCG sector in Pakistan. Currently, our dedicated fleet is assigned to provide services to multinational companies like Procter & Gamble. Oak Logistics is currently moving containerized cargo from 18 different locations across Pakistan.

Journey Management

We realize that a major key to success in the freight transportation industry is the technology of communication between the drivers and the company. Our entire fleet is equipped with advanced tracking system that allows us to track our vehicle, and ensure that clients loads are where they need to be. If changes need to be made to point of origin, final destination, or delivery times, we can notify the drivers in real-time.

Bonded/Non Bonded Warehousing

We cater to all of your warehousing needs in Kabul, Dubai, Kuwait & Pakistan. With our valuable expertise in warehousing of different goods through advanced information technologies and management of flexible stock areas, we provide remarkable warehousing services by ready-to-use rack systems, inland transportation (collection and distribution) of goods, state-of-art technological background and qualified personnel.

our commitment

Strive for Excellence

To be an organization that has a passion for excellence in every activity we conduct


To gain confidence and trust of our valued clients by conducting business with complete honesty and integrity.


Assure timely and secure transportation of wet, dry and temperature sensitive cargoes

Develop Skills

Ensure employees are properly skilled and educationally supported


To provide complete logistic solutions that is not only efficient but also reliable and affordable

High Standards

Promote a high standard of preventive and curative methods to avoid any loss of product and work-related injuries and illness


Provide safe and healthy working conditions for its employees and contractors